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Israeli Artist Zvi Lachman

About Zvi Lachman's exhibition: Face-To-Face
Venue: Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod, Israel
Curator: Yaniv Shapira
Opening: September 8, 2023 until 6th February 2024

Please visit the Museum's Website: museumeinharod.org.il/en

You can follow Zvi on his instagram or on his website

Information about the exhibition:
Zvi Lachman, one of the most important sculptors working in Israel and a school-of-art onto himself, is presenting a new solo exhibition at the Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod. Titled Face-To Face, the exhibition, which will open in early September 2023, accompanied by a comprehensive book, features thirteen of Lachman’s sculptures from various periods and times, inviting a reexamination of his work as a persisting inquiry process, as well as a new series of works titled What Haven't We Seen (2021–22). At the core of the exhibition are three sculptures that are milestones of his work – Sacrifice [Akedah] (1983–90), Where Art Thou [Ayecha] (2002–3), and Carrying [Nesiah] (2014) – presenting bold connections between the tradition of Western art and the underpinnings of the artist’s Jewish identity. They are clear expressions of Lachman’s preoccupation, not only with representing the human figure and the sculptural dynamics between figures, but with interpersonal drama, existentialism in crisis, and the place of humankind in the world. A group of busts, also featured in the exhibition, function as witnesses to instances of sacrifice and birth as formative moments in human life. The series The Journey of the Blind (2022) consists of drawings and sculptures that raise questions, typical of Lachman’s entire oeuvre, about the relationship between vision and blindness, and illuminates the dynamics between drawing, painting, and sculpture, which also distinguishes his work. All these reveal how process is a key aspect of Lachman’s work, and enable a reflective view of its cumulative power.

Israeli Artist Zvi Lachman - Biography

Zvi Lachman is a sculptopr, painter and a draughtsman. He was born in Tel Aviv in 1950 to his mother Yona (born in Moldova) and his father Avraham (born in Poznan, Poland), one of the founders of Kibbutz Sde-Nahum.
He has a master’s in architecture from the Technion, Haifa and studied sculpture with Moshe Sternschuss and Yitzhak Danziger. In 1978, he moved with his family to New York to continue his studies, where he studied under the American Jewish sculptor Chaim Gross and artists who continued the New York School (Paul Resika, Leland Bell, Peter Agostini, Bruce Gagner). He earned a master’s degree in art at Parsons School of Design, New York, and studied two more years at the New York Studio School. In 1985 he returned to Israel with his family, and has since lived and worked in Tel Aviv.
Lachman has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Israeli galleries and museums and also exhibited in shows in the U.S. and Europe. Most recently he participated in a group show (Visit: A tribute to Paul Celan, 2022) at the Gutman Museum Tel-Aviv. His solo exhibit Face to Face will open, September 2023, at the Ein Harod Museum of Art, Israel.
In addition to the catalogues that have accompanied his exhibitions over the years, Lachman has also published several artist books: Gilgamesh (limited edition, Even Hoshen Publishing, 1999), etchings from which were exhibited that year at Sotheby’s, Tel Aviv, and Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem; Death Fugue (Even Hoshen Publishing, 1999), etchings of which were exhibited that year at the Jerusalem Print Workshop; and Poets’ Portraits (published by Beit Reuven Museum, Tel Aviv, and Yeshiva University, New York).
Lachman has taught drawing, painting, and sculpture at the Avni Institute, Tel Aviv; Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl; Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s workshops; and the Department of Industrial Design, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. He has served as guest teacher at the New York Studio School and at the International Center for the Arts, Monte Castello, Italy. He has also lectured at various venues, among them: Art Forum, Bologna, Italy (2009); the international conference on Trauma, Tel Aviv University (2017); and Memory and Creation (a series of lectures for psychoanalysts), Tel Aviv University, and the Window on Psychoanalysis Forum, Israel Psychoanalytic Society (2021).
Lachman has received various awards and grants, including the Helena Rubinstein Grant and the Dean’s Merit Scholarship, Parsons School of Design (1978–80); residency at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (1996); residency at Albert Institute, New Haven, Connecticut (2002); and the city of Herzliya’s Life Achievement Award (2017)..

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